Artangel Trust
An urban fox let loose inside a gallery and observed by grainy CCTV; a pale, life-sized concrete cast of a terraced house and the impassioned, national debate it inflames; a bright blue crystalline
Emerging Art Markets. Art Dealer
We assist you through the whole process of acquisition of art work in any form (paintings, installations, sculptures, photography). We present you with our private offering or help to find and source
The Sheppard Collection Of Vegan Art
The collection consists of artwork created by vegan artists. The works themselves cover a wide range of themes - some challenging our treatment of animals, some celebrating the beauty of animals and
Charlie Smith London
The gallery's approach is collaborative and curatorial, and emphasizes work that engages critically with profound human and historical themes. CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is recognised as a contemporary art
Rokeby is an independent commercial gallery for contemporary art, exhibiting work by UK based and international artists. Rokeby was launched in April 2005 by Beth and Edward Greenacre, initially
Curious Duke Gallery
Curious Duke Gallery may have began in September 2011 as a pop up, in addition to the online gallery, but CDG now stands as a fully fledged 'anti-gallery'. Curious Duke Gallery is currently London's
Newgate Gallery
All bespoke framing can be carried out with our "One Hour Framing" service and all large orders can be completed within a matter of days. Visit us at our gallery to be advised by one of our framing
New Artist Fair
This year's 'Summer Exhibition' promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with a total of 120 Artists taking part in one of the most popular events in London's art calendar. The New Artist

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