The Coach House Studio

My art springs from a lifelong passion for historic accounts and stories; man's mark on the earth; travel, ships and trade; maps and artifacts.

A seed sown by chance discovery through a book, a film, a museum or a conversation grows into a painting, relief or print. I use whatever techniques and materials needed to create the image that I have in my mind. An object will inspire and indeed sometimes even become part of a piece of work; it's history and the story behind it's existence intrigues me.

The artwork about slavery started following research of cargoes on ships sailing in the 16th and 17th centuries. I am also exploring visually the emotion and physical process of enslavement; the removal by ship from one country to another; the extremes of the middle passage, and the life endured on the plantations. I am looking at the perception of black slavery and white slavery in history, then and now.