The Dairy Art Centre

Established in April 2013 and situated in Bloomsbury, Dairy Art Centre is a public space for contemporary visual art. It is a private, non commercial, organisation founded by Frank Cohen and Nicolai Frahm, cementing their lifelong passion for art and their commitment to increasing access to the visual arts by opening up Dairy's exhibitions to the public for free, and through its newly created education and internship training programmes.

Frank Cohen and Nicolai Frahm have known each other for fifteen years and have previously worked together on a number of projects. Dairy Art Centre is their first collaboration that provides exhibition opportunities on a major scale.

Frank Cohen is one of the world's most influential and prolific collectors of international contemporary art. He began collecting Modern British art in the 1970s and in the early 1990s became a patron and supporter of the Young British Artists (YBAs).