Pencil Sketch Portraits

My name's Angela and I'm a 30 something pencil portrait artist living in sunny Milton Keynes, England with my Hubby, little boy and new baby girl. I love to draw, whether it be portraits of people, pets or drawings of buildings, landscapes or even vehicles. So whatever you'd like on your wall, just let me know and I'll do my best to draw it for you. I'd been interested in pencil art and particularly the idea of becoming a pencil portrait artist since studying Art at college, but hadn't picked up a pencil in years.

One birthday my husband bought me some pencils and a sketch pad, and after drawing my one year old (at the time) son and showing it to a friend I was encouraged to do a few more drawings for friends and family etc. Through word of mouth and recommendation, demand grew and I started to sell my work locally, until a friend suggested one day that I set up a website to 'showcase' my work as a pencil portrait artist.