Lucinda Brown Gallery

Lucinda's inspiration comes from the spirit and the body that we temporarily occupy. It is the inner qualities of peace and clarity that she is most concerned with and this is reflected in the Fragments and the newest, Serenity Collections.

The garden is a place of serenity, a place where one can be in harmony with nature, observing the beauty in the changing seasons.

A fine selection of ceramic art by various artists including Lucinda Brown, John Stroomer, Marshall Colman, Geoff Cox, Ludmilla Kosmina, Richard Ballantyne and more. A boutique range of accessories and costume jewellery. Fine perfume oils from Morocco, which compliment a range of luxurious skincare products 'Body Foud'. Individually sourced vintage pottery, kitchenware and interesting items pre 1950's. Lace and tableware.