A Space

It can take up whole spaces or tiny corners, be imposing and impressive or discreet and beautiful. It might sometimes be controversial, and may not always be everyone's taste - but should always be stimulating, new and certainly never dull! Our first step was to initiate a gallery space; the Northam Road gallery launched the arts organisation and opened its doors to the public on the 22nd of October 2002. Through this initial space we were able to test ideas, develop our identity and grow the remit of our work.

Over a two and a half years period in Northam Road, we staged 35 exhibitions and laid the foundations upon which our organisation has been built. In 2006 we moved our main gallery and HQ from Northam Rd to the Bargate, a scheduled ancient monument, located in the centre of Southampton. The monument features as the Southampton City Council logo and is significantly prestigious building within the city.