Vision Gallery

Greetings from Vision Gallery! Vision Gallery is the studio of artist illustrator Liz Hankins where Liz also promotes the work of other artists and makers in occasional studio shows. The gallery reverts to being Liz's studio and teaching space between shows so viewing is by appointment. WORKSHOP NEWS: Fay Hankins is holding a workshop in Hailsham Tuesday March 17 11-3pm to demonstrate how to set up your frame and describe some of the techniques she learned from Tadek Beutlich. Vision Gallery is not open at present- Liz is taking time out to write a book, explore new directions with paint and organise a post-humous exhibition of works by print and textile artist Tadek Beutlich. However, you are welcome to browse and purchase online or visit the gallery by arrangement ( or casual passers by may be lucky to find me there!). You will find items for sale under the individual artists galleries as well as in the 'Currently Available' gallery.