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Lucinda Kelly is a portrait artist based in the north east of England. She trained in the traditional techniques of naturalistic drawing and painting at an atelier in Florence, Italy. She is inspired by the effects of movement and rhythm within her work, and also by those of light and shade, or "chiaroscuro". Perhaps most at the heart of Lucinda's practice, however, is the consistent and measured pursuit of harmony and balance within her work - and most significantly the balance that is the synthesis of discipline with freedom. She likes to depict her subjects in their most natural habitat, to embody a feeling of spontaneity, informality and immediacy. Lucinda works to commission drawing and painting portraits, wildlife and figurative pieces, where possible from life. She undertakes much of her work from her studio in Newcastle, but travels widely for her portrait and wildlife commissions.

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Saint Lawrence Road

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6
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