International Arts Centre

1st Built in the late sixties by Midland Dynamo, this building has seen a lot of changes, the venue room originally was a showroom from for industrial freezers but the company fell into administration and closed, in 1993 Ann Oliver bought the entire building and transformed it into the International Arts Centre, we have 7 studios, cafeteria, costume and scenery workshops and our own function room, including a complete sound and lighting rig.

In the early years we did have external events, Ian from Magic Teapot put on some stunning bands, Tube Bar went from monthly to weekly, Jimmy Carr performed here with the comedy festival and Peter Key was a sell out, but as the main core of the building was growing it became harder to fit in external events in-between our own private events.

Now the school and college have outgrown the room, it was the perfect opportunity to revamp and restart it as a new(ish) live venue.