Harlequin Arts

I'm a freelance textile artist following a dream of earning a living through art. It's a long haul that's taken nine years for me to get this far and a long way from the early naivety of thinking that I could just stitch to earn money! Over this time, I have worked in so many different places I've lost count: from parks to primary schools, tepees to tents, church halls to care homes, hospitals to holiday centres. Currently, I seem to have settled into working a portfolio of jobs in the areas of arts & health, spirituality, & education.

I mainly work in the East Midlands but do work further afield. Alongside this, I endeavour to develop my own practice. My work is usually stylised or abstract, incorporating hand and machine stitch, often with couched, curved and undulating lines. Inspired by the seasons, nature, faith stories and colour, I like to explore the essence of an object, place or feeling.