Carrie Ian

I am a painter, graphic designer, writer and musician based in Cambridge, UK. It is difficult to say what inspires me to paint; sometimes I'm inspired by the clouds in the sky and sometimes it's the scent of the day, but often it is simply an emotion, which creates the scene!

I was born in Warrington, Cheshire and spent my early years living in Leytonstone. I would say that my love of art flourished here, when my father, tired of all the sketches on the wallpaper throughout the house decided to provide me with an entire canvas of my own! I was instructed that if I agreed to contain my passion to only one wall then he would remove all the wallpaper and the wall of my choosing would be mine for total art domination! However, that pleasure was to be short lived! The following year my parents decided that a multi-cultural upbringing would add to our experiences of life, so I said farewell to my friends, my home and my wall.