Caroline Hudson Ceramics & Painting

Whether working in clay or with paint, I apply the same principal of building up layers and texture. Using different thicknesses of paint, and utilizing collage, ink and pastel, I can create surface interest and depth in the painting. By using clay as a canvas, I can build up the surface in various stages by using slips, oxides and glazes, often multi firing and adding to a piece until I am satisfied with the results.

I like that my art crosses and meets in different mediums, in my painting, but also extended with the use of clay and consequently taking on many varied ceramic forms, from one off large vessels, pots and plates, smaller bowls and ceramic tile wall hangings and angels to smaller 'gift' items such as fish, hearts, stars, dragonflies and baubles. I also make individual tiles that can be commissioned for the home e.g kitchen or bathroom, or simply to rest your mug of tea on!