Baliartbali Art Studios

Bali impressive collection of original Artwork is drenched with colourful art that is created from her deep imagination. If you are an Art collector looking for that truly unique piece of art that is brought to life you are in the right place. Bali art has opened the door to those art Enthusiast looking to purchase her original work. Bali has been interviewed by the BBC Radio on her Life and work as an Artist and her Exhibition at the New Walk Museum in Leicester. Bali knew by instinct, Art was her soul and love in life.

She celebrates her passion and love for art through colour, expression and exploitation. This is what makes her art weird, contemporary, collectable and slightly crazy, extreme and sometimes pushing boundaries. As she has a growing love for classical music, this plays a major part in her life, even more so while she paints with deep passion. Using mainly oils to create timeless, fascinating, expressive art loved by all.