Affordable Art,

I have been an artist since painting art on walls as a kid (sorry mum) and now thanks to the wonders of the web, I can offer my art: original portrait, nude, landscape or still life work for a fantastic price that anyone can afford. I only charge from £49.00 plus postage for original art. These art gifts are unique as there is only one in the world of each piece. What makes it even better, you can easily afford it. Original Art: portraits, nudes, landscapes and pets created from your personal photos to your personal taste. I create art from a photo: portraits (nude - over 18 only), of pets and landscape. What about an original art work from a sexy pose for your loved one as a special unique art gift. I will capture the uniqueness of your muse and guarantee that no-one else will see it as you will own the original art. Have a look through my art portfolio to get an idea of the art style that you like: the favourites are colour pastels, watercolour or charcoal (black, white or terracotta).