It may seem challenging and even scary to a starter in this field, however, organising an art gallery event or show is really not that much of a hassle and stress if you follow the right guidelines and a comprehensive list of efficient steps. However, before we share with you a few of the key tips for organising a successful art gallery show, let’s talk about success a bit. In the case with art galleries, success should not be measured by the sales made and the money earned. Of course, when speaking about success, also in the case with an art gallery show, success is definitely the fact you are pushing and working in the right direction. So here are a few very handy and helpful tips for running and organising a successful art gallery show or event.

The Venue

There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects of the whole event will be the venue you are going to choose. In order to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible once the event starts, it is highly recommendable to scope out the venue of choice before the actual event. Know and understand the limitations of the venue as well as its advantages. At the end of the day, you also want to pick a space that will perfectly correspond with the art you are going to show as well as contribute to creating this specific atmosphere you are going for.


There is nothing as important as the good preparation where you have considered every detail and every possible unexpected situation or issues. First off, analyse the budget you are working with. Then make a list of what is most important to purchase for the show while staying within your budget. Most probably, you will find yourself prioritizing and making compromises with some aspects, however, this is ok as long as you can fit within your budget.


Making a checklist with everything you need to do and finish before the event is definitely very useful and will help you stay focused. Make sure to include everything you need to take care of before the show. You will definitely feel so satisfied once you are able to check all the boxes and finish all the tasks.

Business Cards

In case you want to be really professional and attract people’s attention towards what you do or your art, make sure to include in your checklist creating new business cards. It is a smart thing to put a QR Code on the business cards that will lead to your website where people can get an even better idea of what you do.


With or without a QR Code to your website, you also want to take your time to update it and make it look more professional and attractive. Choose a theme that best showcases your work and make it stand out. An attractive and interesting website will continue engaging all guests of the show even after the event is over.

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